synthetic rubber polyblend

Synthetic Rubber - Polyblend (NBR:PVC)

Grade Blend Type Blend
Mooney Viscosity ML1+4 at 100 ° C Distinctions
Apcoflex NVC70E APCOTEX NBR: PVC 70: 30 45- 55 Cost effective medium ACN blend for general
purpose automotive and industrial moulded and extruded products.
Apcoflex NVC273EAPCOTEX NBR: PVC 70: 30 60-70 High Viscosity grade with very good low temperature characteristics. Suitable for automotive and Industrial Hoses, molded rubber goods etc.
Apcoflex NVC573EAPCOTEX NBR: PVC 70: 30 55- 65 Medium Viscosity, medium ACN grade with excellent physical and ageing properties; Suitable for LPG tubing, profiles, automotive and Industrial goods etc.
Apcoflex NVC873EAPCOTEX NBR: PVC 70: 30 55- 65 Medium Viscosity, high ACN grade with very good oil, fuel and solvent resistance; Suitable for Extrusion and moulded rubber goods
50:50:10 55- 65 Medium viscosity grade with high hardness; Suitable for automotive molded components, footwear products etc.
Apcoflex NVC P55EAPCOTEX NBR: PVC 50: 50 35- 50 Low viscosity, medium ACN blend with good flow characteristics; Recommended for general purpose automotive and industrial goods as well as Fire Hoses
Note: Suffix 'E' stands for Heavy Metal & DOP free Grades

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