All India Rubber Industry Association conferences - May & July 2022

Apcotex is well known as a strong knowledge-based and technologically advanced company. Right from our top-n-foremost technocrats to our executives in R&D and Technical Services, we regularly present various technical papers in conferences; exhibitions and seminars.

Our topmost technocrat Mr. Bhagaban Panda, DGM - Technical Services, made two paper presentations at the AIRIA - All India Rubber Industry Association conferences

"Apcoflex Nitrile Rubber: Technical Insight and its Industrial Application" at Hotel La Meriden, Gurgaon on 11.05.2022 organised by AIRIA Northern region 

"Apcoflex Carboxylated Nitrile Rubber - Special Purpose Rubber for Critical Industrial Application' at Hotel ITC Grand Maratha, Mumbai on 13.07.2022, organised by AIRIA, Western region.