CSR Stories

Water and Sanitation Projects with Utthan

Through Utthan Samiti, a charitable and philanthropic organisation, Apcotex had conducted a survey in 2019-2020 to understand the needs of the community around the Valia plant area and found that there was a persistent issue of water, sanitation and hygiene. 

Many people were still defecating in open areas, which was adversely affecting the health and hygiene of the community. Moreover, during the survey, Utthan had found that there were many toilets built in the village but most of them were not used or used for the storage of discarded material. 

A strategic plan was made to utilize CSR funds for Water and Sanitation activities which included building water sources, toilets and hosting several training and health & hygiene awareness sessions.

To address the hygiene issue, Apcotex has helped construct 235 new toilets, 209 soak pits and 366 washing platforms in Village Dungri and Naldhari. 

Apcotex has also developed 2 drinking water sources, tested by a government recognized test centre. 

Community mobilisation activities for Social and Behavioral Communication Change included 12 hamlet meetings, 3 community awareness programs, 6 school-based programs involving 350 children, 2 adolescents’ health trainings, and multiple small group meetings.