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Covid-19 Relief with Utthan

On 25th March 2020, the Government of India announced a nationwide lockdown in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

To tackle the situation, the Utthan team started gathering data to understand and respond to the urgent situation. 

Food and rations were ensured to more than 600 families. The team divided the villages into two major groups to provide help. Focus was given to Dungri and Naldhari villages which are closest to our Valia plant. The team also reached out to 16 other villages for providing the relief work.
In the absence of any vaccine and effective treatment at that time, team Utthan organised eight (08) Covid-19 awareness events covering 512 community members and in return the community identified a group of health volunteers from the targeted villages who undertook the follow up work to imbibe the knowledge in a longer run.
To meet the requirement of daily living items and goods, agri-kits, kitchen garden kits were distributed to farmers and needy households, as these families were unable to procure seeds for sowing, due to their economic conditions which was adversely affected on account of Covid-19 lockdown.
Utthan continued with its humanitarian response and support towards communities during the year 2021-22 in response to the Covid-19 crisis. 
It distributed 115 Kharif kits, 375 kitchen garden kits, food ration kits to 100 families, 22,200 masks and 6000 soaps distributed to 1987 families, 90 safety kits to frontline workers and 10 safety kits to schools. 
Due to their efforts 80% of eligible community members were vaccinated by December 2021.